LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -New technology is changing the way both parents and teachers approach education.

Prentice O'Gunn with Verizon Wireless joined THV This Morningto talk about educational apps for our students, as well as a few wireless devices perfect for high school and college students.

For younger kids try these apps:

Alpha Tots. Voted No. 2 in the Apple Education Top 10 Apps, Alpha Tots encourages toddlers to learn their alphabet through action-based verbs.

AWEsum! Award-winning action-packed puzzle game, easy to learn for students of all ages. Guide and place a pair of falling number cubes onto other cubes below so that the single digits assigned to each cube, when added together, equal the game's predetermined "AWEsum!"

For Older students try these apps:

Algebra Pro. This app contains a rich collection of everything a student needs to get through Algebra I and II: systems of equations, inequalities, quadratic formula and more.

SAT Vocabulary. Preparing for the SAT or ACT is extremely important as students prepare for college. This app helps to perfect what can often be the most challenging section of the test.

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