UNDATED (KTHV) - Decorating trends are constantly changing, and while you can't predict what will be popular in the future, you can help remove outdated fads from the past.

Here are fads from the 80's and 90'sto remove from your home before selling it from Yahoo!

1. Wallpaper borders. Paper borders were used as a cheap and cheerful alternative to crown moldings or paneling, but aren't used much today. It is best to remove all the borders and simply paint the walls.

2. Brass hardware. Unless it's of exceptionally high quality, brass fittings such as doorknobs, drawer pulls, hinges, electrical back plates and faucets do not stand the test of time. The safest choices remain matte or shiny stainless steel.

3. Overstuffed furniture. Not only are these now out-of-fashion, they simply take up too much room in a space. If you're selling, it is time to toss or donate -- and either purchase new or rent some suitably subdued replacements.

4. Wall-to-wall mirrors. The days of floor to ceiling mirrored closet sliders are pretty much over. It's best to remove the mirrors and repaint the doors underneath, or replace the doors altogether.

5.Carpet in the bathroom. Cleanliness sells, and there is no way that a twenty-year old wall-to-wall carpet in a bathroom will ever look clean. Today's bathrooms are spa-like in their cleanliness, with little use of fabric at all. Rip out the carpet -- new linoleum is a better choice if wood or tile isn't in the budget.

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