On Home and Garden Wednesday, we wanted to help save you some time.

We debunked 6 laundry myths thanks toYahoo! Shine.

1. Hairspray. In the 1950's, people used hair spray to get rid of ink stains. Alcohol, which dissolves ink, was a major ingredient of hairsprays in those times. However, today manufacturers don't use the old formulas. Therefore, if you're going to try this tip, you'll just end up creating more stains.

2. Stains wash from the front. This is wrong! Washing it inside-out will be more effective because it pulls the dust particles out of the fabric. Doing vice versa, pushes the particles deeper in the strands.

3. Using chlorine bleach . Adding it in early cancels the effects of detergents. Add chlorine a few minutes after adding detergent so that the brightness is enhanced. Baking soda can also be used to improve the effect.

4. Using high dryer heat causes shrinking. This isn't really true.Clothes shrink when the fibers lack moisture. This happens as a result of over drying. Take clothes out of the dyer when they are still slightly wet. The high dryer heat plays no role in reducing the clothes' size.

5.More detergent gets clothes cleaner. Wrong! Adding more soap and detergent to washing is just a waste of products. The washing becomes harder, and takes more time. The quality is also spoiled. Detergent basically attracts dirt, and removes it with water. Residues of soap and detergent left in clothes will attract dirt, making the dress look dirty.

6. Hot water kills germs.Hot water is often used to wash clothes. People believe it will kill germs but it doesn't. Use chlorine bleach or some other disinfectant for the purpose.

You can find more popular laundry myths debunked in this story on Yahoo!

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