LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - One in three American teens is overweight or obese; putting our young people at risk for an unhealthy future.

In this month's Prescription Arkansas, THV's Dawn Scott introduces us to a group of teens launching a battle on the bulge.

10 weeks ago, Aleighu Porterfield of Beebe injured her back, and hoped a summer weight loss program with Baptist Health would get her back on the basketball court sooner.

""I just wanted to lose a little weight, so that I can compete for starting positions and just to be a better and healthier person," she says.

After weeks of hard work and determination, Porterfield finished the program with a 5K.

Jennifer Coney is the program leader and a registered dietician with Baptist Health Management Center. She says the program is aimed at teaching an overall lifestyle change to teens and their families.

"We've really tried to push her with medical supervision there to help her and she's gotten her whole family involved with becoming healthier," says Coney. "I've had families come up to me and tell me that grocery stores on a weekly basis are more fun and kids get involved in choosing, the foods that they're purchasing."

13-year-old Alexis Shackelford credits the program for changing her eating habits.

"Almost every day, I would go and get a Big Mac or something from Popeye's, or something like that," she says. "Instead of eating a sandwich from McDonalds I'll eat a turkey sandwich. I'll eat healthy stuff like fresh fruits and vegetables."

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