Each year Americans toss out as much as 40% of their food.

Thursday on THV This Morning, we shared the top 5 most wasted foods fromYahoo! Finance and ways to help you stop wasting food and money.

1. Sour cream. There's no need to stock up on sour cream because in most cases, recipes just call for a dollop or one to two tablespoons. Plus, sour cream is dairy-based, so it won't last as long. Advice? Stick with smaller containers.

2. Produce. If you think dairy spoils fast, produce actually gets tossed more than any other food group. Celery is one of the worst offenders because many recipes just call for a few stalks at a time due to its strong flavor.

3. Fresh herbs. Often you go to the store and see huge bunches of herbs and you end up buying it, but just use a little bit. Put them in a plastic bag and you can keep them in your fridge. To use up your herbs fast, mash them into a soft cheese like cream cheese for a quick spread.

4. Bread. Refrigerating or even freeze whole grain bread you don't plan on consuming right away. If it's stale, cut them into croutons and bake.

5.Citrus.We use lemons all the time, but rarely in their entirety. To not let yours go to waste, freeze them in ice cubes for use in resfreshing drinks.

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