LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - An awareness campaign sets sights on bringing national attention to Little Rock Air Force Base's tradition of responsiveness, teamwork, leadership, and excellence.

Here's what officials have to say about the "Rock & ROLE" interview:

"Rep. Griffin has worked with Little Rock Air Force Base Community Council members to develop "The Little Rock Difference: Rock & ROLE" awareness campaign. "Rock" is for "The Rock," which is the nickname of LRAFB and how the community affectionately refers to LRAFB. "Role" is for the guiding principles of "ROLE"-"Responsive," "One Team," "Leading," and "Excellence"-which the LRAFB community and the local community embody.

"Little Rock Air Force Base plays a critically important role in our nation's defense capabilities and is an integral part of Arkansas's economy, culture and family. The partnership between "The Rock" and the community is a unique example of excellence, and, together, they are one team and responsive to the needs of each other.

"This is how LRAFB and the Community Council differentiate themselves from other communities with air bases and what led to the creation of "The Little Rock Difference." This relationship has been recognized twice in recent years by the U.S. Air Force with the prestigious Abilene Trophy. "Rock & ROLE" will help bring national attention to this success story and build on LRAFB's tradition of responsiveness, teamwork, leadership and excellence.

"The Council plans to use this campaign to heighten awareness of the importance of this Base to the entire state of Arkansas, as well as individual communities. Another intended goal is to give the Base and surrounding area a brand to rally behind. This brand further demonstrates the commitment from the communities which this year resulted in being awarded the Abilene Trophy for the second time.

The LRAFB and the Community Council are both eager to develop this into a major, national brand for Little Rock Air Force Base. Again, we would love to come in to your studios and discuss this for your viewing audience as we draw closer to the Air Show weekend. Please let us know if you need anymore information, and we can direct you to the proper people. Attached you will find the primary logo, and the supporting logo (which utilizes the ROLE acronym)."

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