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Here are 5 things you should buy in September to take best advantage of sales and discounts from Yahoo!

1. Mattresses, Bed and Bath Supplies. Labor Day sales kick off the action early in the month. This is one of those holidays when mattress retailers offer deep discounts on piled up inventory. You may also find some better- than-normal deals on bed and bath supplies, such as linens and towels, during Labor Day sales and throughout the month.

2. Planes, Bikes, and Automobiles. If you are Looking for a cheap mode of transportation - September ranks high when it comes to snagging low prices on holiday airfare, a bicycle, or a car. If you aren't looking for next year's debut models, cars are much more affordable this month than at any other time during the year.The key is to look at last year's models that are taking up space on the car lot. Dealerships want to move these cars out fast this month to make room for 2013 vehicles that will be arriving in short order.

3. Appliances. September is also a good month to buy big appliances (think washer, dryer, refrigerator, stove). New 2013 models will be hitting showrooms soon so retailers are eager to sell off prior year models. While still new and perfectly functional, they aren't of the moment -- a small sacrifice for a better deal.

4. Summer Gear and Lawn Mowers. Where August saw sales on things like patio furniture, lawn mowers and grills this month will see those discounts deepen. But beware the selection will be thinning so shop early and snatch up a deal when you see it, otherwise someone else will.

5. Seasonal Produce. This is your last chance to get low prices on summer produce such as peaches, plums, nectarines, peppers, mangoes, green beans, lettuce, and tomatoes. And if you want to brighten up your home, summer flowers will be at rock bottom prices this month, too. September will also see fall produce hit the grocery stores with low selling prices. Look for cheap apples, beets, grapes, pears, squash, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, figs, and dark leafy vegetables like spinach.

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