ALEXANDRIA, VA (CNN) -- From trash to treasure, it's the dream of anyone who digs for finds at flea markets. And the dream came true for one woman, who forked out a tiny amount for something that turned out to be worth a fortune.

This is no ordinary painting. Fine arts specialist Anne Craner says, "A Paysages au Borde de la Seine, which means a landscape on the banks of the River Seine."

It's an 1879 Renoir, a masterpiece. Discovered two years ago, in of all places, a West Virginia flea market. The painting's owner says, "I have no appetite. I have butterflies in my stomach. So, today is the day when it finally hit me."

The woman who found the painting spoke with us by phone. She wants to remain anonymous. She says she bid for a box of items that included this work of art. She says, "I noticed the frame on this picture and I liked the frame. I bid seven dollars and I won the box."

Craner says, "She first puts it in her shed, luckily in a plastic bag and then moves it to her kitchen, and then in the back of her car."

A year later, the woman was about to take the painting out of the frame when her mother spotted the name 'Renoir' on the edging, a French gallery label, and a stock number. Craner says, "Her mom suggests that it would be a good idea to bring it to somebody who needs to verify."

Experts at the Potomac Company Auction House authenticated the piece, after the woman brought it in late august.

The painting could fetch between $75,000 and $100,000 at auction. But the notion of this kind of discovery, a Renoir masterpiece in a West Virginia flea market, has the art world talking.

The auction house getting calls from all over the world, because this painting was last heard about in 1926. Craner says, "It is really a needle in a haystack. Just unbelievable."

And the anonymous finder? She says, "I'm living proof you don't know what could be in a box. You know, one man's trash is another man's treasure."

The painting will be up for public auction on September 29.

The woman who bought the painting told the Huffington Post she's going to take the proceeds from the sale of the Renoir and go on a trip to Paris.

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