LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- School is back in session and that means homework, homework, homework! But for some parents, getting their children to sit down and do the work is half the battle.

That is why educators encourage parents to create a space in their home just for that purpose. You don't have to have desks and chairs to create a study hall in your home for your kids, just a quiet place with a few helpful elements to keep them concentrated.

Designate a space with a table and chair.

"I think if they get too comfortable, I think that gives them the opportunity not to study," says Dr. Kirk Freeman, Principal at Northwood Elementary."I would suggest using the kitchen table. I wouldn't suggest using their bedroom or the living room area."

Help keep them focused by turning off electronics.

"You try to eliminate as many distractions as possible. Definitely have the television turned off and one of the things I do is require my daughter to turn in her cell phone to me before she starts doing her homework," says Freeman.

Establish a time frame for studying, whether they have homework or not.

"Many kids may come home and say I don't have any homework. However, I would still have that designated time that you are either going to be reading or doing some other reinforcement during that time," says Freeman.

4. Be sure to keep a close eye on your children during their designated study time.

"You definitely have to follow up and monitor this process. If you just tell them to do their homework from five to six and you don't monitor it, a lot of times they are going to get involved in some other things," says Freeman.

5. Stay involved in your child's learning process.

"Always ask your children, 'What did you learn today?' and have them explain to you and some children may be tempted to say, 'Nothing'. So if they say nothing, they should you know that you are going to be asking follow up questions right behind it," says Freeman.

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