JACKSONVILLE (KTHV) - Earlier this week, we took you to Little Rock Air Force where more than 200 airmen returned from deployment overseas. It was one of those homecomings right on the tarmac, with loved ones standing by.

But not all the airmen have the same experience when they come home. And that's why the base did something special Thursday, with a welcome home party to put a smile on just about everyone's face.

It may not be a tarmac filled with loved ones carrying welcome home signs. But for these airmen from Little Rock Air Force Base, this welcome home party Thursday was plenty to "high-five" and smile about.

"I think it's just awesome that they give us this experience you know, some groups don't get this experience," Staff Sgt. Justin Moore said.

Staff Sergeant Justin Moore returned from his deployment back in June through an airport. Hemissed out on those big "tarmac" homecomings, like the one at the base onTuesday.

But with more welcome home moments Thursday, like the national anthem, an invocation and some party time, there was plenty to enjoy at this homecoming with their families along for the ride.

"This is my first welcome home for this base and it's just awesome how they put it together and everything," Staff Sgt. Moore said.

It's a tribute for theseairmen coming home a different route but appreciated just as much.

Some community leaders also came out to the event to welcome the airmen home, including Jacksonville Mayor Gary Fletcher. There were also several base leaders on hand to make sure everything went off without a hitch so the airmen would receive a proper welcome home.

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