LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AKC) -Teaching fire safety to children can be the difference between life and death, but often times it's hard to get kids to take an interest.

That's whereTango the Fire Safety Dogcomes in. Born one month before 9/11, Tango has been helping teach fire safety to children and adults in the hopes of helping save lives, reduce injuries and fire losses.

A spokesdog for theKeep Kids Fire Safe Foundation and fire service dog for Johnson County RFD #1 in Clarksville, Tango was given to Firefighter Dayna Hilton in 2008 to help with fire safety programming, after her dog, Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog, was unable to travel.

Tango and Sparkles spent thousands of hours together, helping teach fire safety across the country, until Sparkles crossed the Rainbow Bridge in October 2010.

After Sparkles' passing, Tango has worked hard and tirelessly to help educate children and adults through the work of the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation, a public charity founded in honor of Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog.

In addition to appearing at events across the United States, Tango Skypes weekly to children during Sparkles' Fire Safety Skype Tour and participates in Sparkles' Safety Spot, a live streamed fire safety program on the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation's SparklesTV.

The American Kennel Club Humane Fund recentlynominated Tango for the 2012 Awards for Canine Excellence (ACE). Established in 2000, ACE has become a valuable public-outreach program for the AKC Humane Fund as well as a source of pride among the fancy and the dog community.

Today's THV wanted to meet thisextraordinary dog so we invited Tango and Dayna Hilton on 'THV This Morning Saturday.' Click on the THVideo to see Tango demonstrate how to safely get out ofa fire!

For more information about Tango, contact Firefighter Dayna Hilton at or 479-979-7328, visit the Fire Safety Dogs' website at, or join their Facebook page at

(Source: American Kennel Club)

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