We all know sticking to diets can be tough. But did you know that having certain gadgets in your kitchen can actually help you stick to your diet and cut the calories?

We found these 5 gadgets from Yahoo! that go beyond their normal duty to help you trim the calories and fat.

1. A vegetable peeler. It's not just for peeling veggies. Use it to slice cheese or chocolate into ultra thing 10-calorie curls to keep the flavor and cut your portions. You can also use it to make zucchini or eggplant ribbons to cook and serve it like spaghetti with half the calories.

2. Get the right sized storage containers. Once you determine which container can hold your 400-calorie serving of pasta, you'll never have to measure it out again. Same for a soup ladle. At 1/2 cup per ladle, dishing out an 80-calorie serving of tomato sauce is a breeze.

3.A nonstick muffin pan. In addition to your favorite breakfast, you can also use these pans to bake quiche, cake, quick bread, and other snacks in right-size portions so you don't overeat.

4. Metal tea ball. Normally used to brew tea, which you can drink to lower blood pressure, this appliance also promises calorie-free flavor. Just fill it with herbs or spices and add to the pot when cooking soups and desserts.

5. Get some small plates and bowls. Point blank: big plates equal bigger portions. With smaller dishes, your meals will look larger, and you'll feel like you're eating a larger portion.

Here are some 400-Calorie staples: 8 inch salad plates -- 8- to 12-ounce soup/salad bowls -- Tall, skinny drinking glasses -- Small serving bowls and spoons -- 8- to 10-ounce mugs for lattes, hot cocoa.

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