Auburn, CA (CBS/KOVR) - A possible world-record setting rattlesnake is being moved from his home in a California high school. The snake was kept in the Placer High School biology class for more than 30 years.

The snake is named Stryker. He's a five foot long rattlesnake living at Placer High School. He's going to be moving soon and it'll take some adjustment. He's been living there for 30 years.

Retired teacher Doughlas Stryker says, "(In) 1982 one of my biology students showed up first period, showed up with a rattlesnake in a coffee can."

And ever since, the snake, named after Mr. Stryker, has called Placer High home.

The snake though is a short timer. The snake's unintended cost has the district rattled; an extra $50,000 in the insurance premium to keep a poisonous snake in the classroom. Sophomore Hanna Henlser says, "It's sad, I mean it has a pretty good life here."

After 30 years here, Placer High School could miss out on a special moment. Stryker says the snake will soon break a world record. He says, "Thirty years, seven months is a zoo documented, the longest a rattlesnake has ever been in captivity."

Now retired, Stryker has a message for the administration who kicked his friend to the curb. He says, "Thirty-eight kids in a chemistry classroom is more of a liability."

And Stryker says he may be on to something with the longevity of reptiles. He actually owns a turtle that's 45-years-old!

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