LITTLE ROCK (KTHV) - We are learning about more reports of stray dog attacks on animals in Little Rock. And they have animal services working day and night, keeping an eye out for these dangers roaming the streets.

What's new is another report of a dog attack on some farm animals; this one hitting a second community garden in Little Rock. And one neighborwe talked with said they left a chicken dead in her yard.

Sitting on her stoop with her cat Monday, Martha Armstead enjoys a little "Indian Summer." But it's hard to soak it all in with reminders of a startling discovery on her lawn, just days ago.

"I noticed the chicken, all the feathers and it was gutted, it was really disgusting," Armstead said.

It was a dead chicken thatshe says came from the Victory Garden Projectnext door. Little Rock Animal Services received a report of at least three animals killed here, allegedly by stray dogs. But neighbors tell us thattherewere close to 12 dead rabbits, ducks and chickens.

"It bothered me later when I found it was dog attack because had we gone out earlier, then that could have been anyone of us," Armstead said.

"You're always afraid of them attacking an elderly person or a child, so the city is very concerned about this," City Director Joan Adcock said.

Adcock says animal services crews are out daily now, looking for strays. The department reports 97 dogs, cats and a few cows brought in from Tuesday through Saturday last week. But there have been reports of any "catches" from the recent attacks.

"We have got to help people understand that we must spay and neuter our animals," Adcock said."If not, we're going to continue to have this type of situation."

That'sperhaps the ultimate solution there. But for now, folks like Armstead are standing guard.

"When I come outside I look in either direction but I make sure my mace is turned in the on position before I get in the car just in case I have to spray an animal," Armstead said.

Armstead says she's already noticing parents walking their kids to the bus in the morning since the alleged attack at the Victory Garden Project. We spoke by phone with Animal Services Director Tracy Roark and he plans to go thereTuesday and check things out.

We are also hearing reports from leaders of the Coalition of Greater Little Rock Neighborhoods, who tell us of an alleged fatal dog attack on a cat in the Gaines Street/Arch Street area.

The other two recent attackshappened at the Little Rock Zoo and the Dunbar Community Garden. Roark says one possible reason for this spike in attacks is changing weather patterns as we get into the fall.

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