There are discussions all across the blogosphere and cable TV over who won the presidential debate last night. The fact that there's a discussion about who won, tells me there's no clear cut winner.

But, there was a clear cut loser, and that's my Craig's Twist.

It was a town hall format - with selected independent voters, asking really good questions. I think everyone was impressed by their relevance, and their obvious neutrality. And it was those people in that Hofstra University Hall that were the big losers last night.

They were nothing more than pawns in a giant ego battle. The candidates didn't really seem to care who was asking the question or what that person's story was. There was no empathy. Instead each question became a launching pad for charges and counter charges.

It was like being invited to dinner at a couple's home and all they do is fight.

Just once I wish either the president or his challenger, would've taken an extra 20 to 30 seconds to ask about his questioner's circumstances. It's called connecting.

Their one saving grace was that after the debate the candidates did mingle with the crowd, but by then all opportunity had been lost.

When Franklin Roosevelt died, there was a funeral procession down Pennsylvania Avenue. A man stood on the curb in that giant crowd, and he was crying uncontrollably. A reporter noticed and asked the man: "Did you know the President?" and the man said, "No, but he knew me."

Until candidates focus on us, and not on each other, we all lose.

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