UNDATED (CBS) -- At least 14 people are dead as a result of Sandy's wrath. And an estimated 5.7 million people are now without power as the storm moves inland.

A storm surge nearly 14-feet high pushed ashore flooding hundreds of miles of coast line from Virginia to Massachusetts. Ocean City resident Dianne Sidell says, "It's the most flooding I've seen in all the years I've lived here."

Flood water and high winds has knocked out power to millions of people. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says, "We are seeing a number of fires from downed power lines and electrical outages."

More than 200 firefighters are still battling a blaze in an evacuation area in Queens. More than 50 homes have already been destroyed. The cause of this fire is still being investigated.

And power outages prompted a mass evacuation from NYU's Hospital when a backup generator failed. Dozens of ambulances lined up to evacuate more than 200 patients throughout the early morning hours and extra help was called in to help move patients. NYU Medical Center dean Robert Grossman says, "We have 50 firefighters coming here as well. As well as help from the Greater New York Hospital Association. So there's a lot of help, but it's a challenging situation."

Just about all of southern Manhattan is shut down. The floodwaters are receding, but sandy's record surge proved to be too much for the island.

At the Brooklyn-Battery tunnel, the Hudson River overflowed its boundaries.

Sandy came ashore just south of Atlantic City Monday night. The city's famous boardwalk took a beating; 80 sections were swept away.

Once on land, North Carolina Landry Pritchard says, "This is almost like fall to immediate winter overnight."

Sandy combined with a cold front to produce a massive snow storm in the Appalachians.

President Obama has declared a major disaster area for New York and Long Island. The declaration makes the area eligible for federal funding.

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