LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- It was 1997, when two friends, Jason Meredith and Curtis Reese, are arrested for murder and robbery.

They're convicted of shooting and killing Eric Ogden and Lance Kelloms over drugs and $1,300 that Ogden earned from working at a fireworks stand. Meredith was considered the mastermind.
In Reese's confession, he said Meredith "said he was going to kill Oggy, I thought he was joking and playing around." Reese says he went to the back of the trailer to go to the restroom.

"I heard gun shots, then I came back around the trailer and saw Jason standing there with the .22 rifle in his hand."

It was the next day, when a telephone repair man discovered the bodies.

The investigation led them straight to Meredith and Reese who hid evidence in their house, including the cash and murder weapon. The next year, the two are convicted. Reese gets a lighter sentence of 40 years compared to Meredith's two life sentences. Prison time is cut even shorter for Reese.

Fourteen years later, authorities are on a manhunt and the community is on edge after Reese escapes from Tucker Prison.


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