UNDATED (CBS) -- The death toll from Sandy has risen to at least 50 people. The superstorm spread damage and destruction from the Carolinas to Maine and it is still dumping snow and rain on many parts of the country.

The storm has moved away from the shore, but the devastation left behind is obvious. Homes buried or destroyed and boats tossed ashore.

The National Guard spent the day rescuing stranded residents in Moonachie and little ferry, new jersey. A tidal surge up the Hackensack River pushed five feet of water into the two towns in just 45 minutes. Senada Tomacetti says, "Within a matter of minutes, the basement got completely flooded - the apartment destroyed. Basically we're just waiting for the rescue."

President Obama will tour the devastation in New Jersey today. He says, "The most important message I have for them is that America is with you."

It could take days or weeks to restore power to the eight million people who lost electricity.

In New York, some subway lines and tunnels are still flooded. Officials say it could be days before the trains are running again.

Signs of life are returning. The New York Stock Exchange will be back up and running this morning. Traders say it's important to show the world that New York is open for business. New York mayor Michael Bloomberg says, "We have a plan for recovery and that recovery is already beginning."

Flight operations will resume at JFK and Newark airports today. But Laguardia was badly damaged and will remain closed.

For some the recovery will take months, possibly even years. Fire destroyed more than 80 homes in the Queens neighborhood of Breezy Point. Resident Danny McKeefreys says, "Everything was on fire. Flames were 50 feet up in the air. My whole family lost everything."

But almost unanimously, the people in breezy point say they will rebuild.

President Obama's tour of damage will not include a trip to New York City. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he turned down the president's request to visit saying there is too much still going on with the recovery efforts.

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