LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - "Today's THV at Noon" had a scary story contest to win Boo at the Zoo tickets.

Our winner is Rudy Dandridge. Here is her story:

"When I was 15, I went to stay at my dad's in the country. I was sitting outside and seen a solider walking towards a big old tree with a gun over his shoulder and in an old looking uniform. As he got closer he started disappearing into the tree. When I walked over there, there was a red substance dripping from the tree limb onto the rocks around the tree that my dad called blood rocks, under that rock I found a old mother Mary glass figure. That same day my dad nailed a cross to the tree that he welded. Later that night we seen the cross wasn't straight, so we went to check it out. Only one top nail was there holding it up, we couldn't find any of the missing nails and the holes were we nailed it were gone, as me and my dad were talking and still searching, something grabbed my hair hard! Scariest moment of my life!"

Our runner-up story is from Leslie Campbell:

"When I was around 8-9 we lived in this clap shack on Persimmon Lane just off Old Maumelle. One night I was awakened by my older brother just in time to see my younger sister playing Patty Cake with a little girl that disappeared with a crackling sound, he asked me if I saw the same thing as he did, we told our parents, who just said things like that happen. My brother, to this day, will not really speak of it."

Here are other entries:

Steven Shepard: "Me and some friends had come up on an old house that had burned down. As we passed through the fence beside it, an old lady was standing there and asked what we were doing, we explained we were just passing through, she then proceeded in the gate and vanished into thin air."

Matthew Burr: "When my family and I lived in Indiana (I was probably 8) we lived in a actual haunted house (footsteps heard, outside doors would be opened when we knew they were closed) and one night as I was laying in bed I heard something in my room flying around so I put the covers over my head and could feel whatever it was fly around and land on my bed. Well it finally got out of my room and went into my parents' room and woke them up. My dad got out of bed saw it was a BAT and left the room leaving my mom in the room with it while he went out to find something to get it with."

Charlotte Craddock: "One night 25 years ago I woke my husband up screaming because these three small creatures were pulling me off the bed. When he woke up they left and my feet were at the bottom of the bed. It was the freakiest thing I've ever gone through. He was laughing."

Maran "Bowie" Murphy: "Growing up we were told a ghost story about 'Haunted Ditch' at Bowie Bottoms between Greenbrier and Enola. The story tells about a road where travelers go through and if they were wealthy, the Inn keeper and helpers would jump their wagons, rob them and hang them on the overhanging tree limb until dead. The story goes on that the stolen gold was buried with the inn keeper's family on Marcus Hill road, just a mile from the 'Haunted Ditch.' We would sometimes walk home from church after dark and when we went by the graveyard and ditch, we could never walk, we ran as fast as we could. The limb overhung the road for years, but is now cut down. Another tale about the ditch is the KKK used the overhanging limb for their dastardly deeds."

Candace Mizer: "I once lived in a house in Downtown Hot Springs, it used to be a boarding house & now a duplex. I had see shadows before in the house but what got me the most was the night my boyfriend stayed over. It was late when I got up to go to the bathroom, as I was returning to bed I saw my boyfriend go into the kitchen, so I followed. There were no lights but the ones outside, so as I stepped in to the kitchen I waited for him to turn the lights on. No lights came on, so as I could see nothing but blackness I filled the switch on. He wasn't there, no one was! I had followed his form down a hall & into the kitchen, there was no way past me. I ran back to bed & woke him up and was upset because he wasn't in the kitchen. That house was haunted!!"

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