LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- THV 11 News is working for you and we're helping you protect your house and your family. You can take these steps to ensure your home doesn't go up in flames.

1. Don't smoke in bed, ever! Smoking is an expensive habit that gives you wrinkles. That being said, make sure you only smoke sitting up, and not laying on your couch or bed.

2. Know how to get out of your home. You should do two things: make a plan, with your eyes open, about how to get out of your place. Then practice it, just once, with your eyes closed. Do this when you travel and check into a new hotel, too. Just taking a minute to do this might save your life if there's a fire at night.

3. Keep a small fire extinguisher in the kitchen. A Class-C fire extinguisher should cost you about $25. Even if you're not prepared to run out and get one right now, at least make sure you know where a big pot lid is. This is because if there's a grease fire, you want to clamp a pot lid on it, not throw water on it.

4. Don't use any frayed electrical cords. Be careful not to run cords under carpet, because if they get stepped on often, they might fray, causing a fire hazard. If the cord is frayed on the space heater or Christmas lights, you can have a lamp repair pro replace it. Or, if you're feeling fancy, maybe even spring for a new space heater or Christmas lights.

5. Watch the kids. Things that you wouldn't do, like light matches, turn knobs on the stove, knock over pots and play with a lighter, all seem like games to the little ones. Also keep in mind that young children are more likely to sleep through a fire alarm than adults are.

6. Keep space heaters three feet from ceding. It's great to be toasty, but not that toasty. It's good to keep space heaters away from curtains. And make sure you keep candles away from curtains, too.

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