LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Long before the lights come on and the tiny desks still sit empty, the A+ fellows are spending their time preparing.

As a teacher in the Little Rock School District and an A+ fellow, Leron McAdoo travels the state and shows teachers how to incorporate A+ principles into their lessons. He says, "You have to figure out how you will approach them and how you will impact them. How you will communicate the lesson in ways they can understand."

With A+, the concept is to work the arts into every school subject like math, reading, science, spelling and more.

THV 11 is tracking this teaching method to determine if it has the power to change education in Arkansas. Batesville teacher and A+ fellow Sandy West explains the approach. She says, "It's not a different type of teaching. It's just using different ideas that will help each student relate more."

Ideas like using the book "The Jolly Postman" to teach 2nd graders about different types of letters. West says, "Leron does the reading. He's got the postman hat on and he's our postman. We use props. He's got a bag. And in the book, each letter is small so it's difficult for an entire class to see. And so we've enlarged each of the letters."

But the kids aren't the only ones paying close attention, so are their teachers. They're learning from the fellows, seeing first-hand how effective A+ lessons can be.

Second grade teacher Cassie Hillis saw that her kids were engaged and ready to get their work done. She says, "I'm really excited. I see what it does for the students and that makes it worth is for me, to see that all 24 kids love it."

But what about the fellows? How do they feel about it? McAdoo says, "It put fun, it put excitement back in your life as a teacher, not only the kids life. But it made teaching an easier thing to do, a more fun thing to do."

And the kids approve. This is just a day in the life of the fellows helping students, teaching teachers, and advocating for A+ Arkansas.

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