UNDATED (CBS) - America's presidential elections are always watched very closely around the world. Wednesday morning, world leaders and others are weighing in and stock markets are also reacting overseas.

No election in the world gets the same kind of coverage as a US presidential election. And this isn't primetime; this is the middle of the night. Maybe predictably, the victory was heralded with less fanfare in Iran...with just a ticker at the bottom of the screen.

Also predictably, world leaders were quick to congratulate the President, including British Prime Minister David Cameron.

He's visiting Jordan to discuss the crisis in neighboring Syria, the worsening civil war challenging both leaders. British Prime Minister David Cameron says, "Congratulations to Barack. I enjoy working with him, I think he is a very successful American president and I look forward to working with him in the future."

Across global markets, there was a collective sigh of relief, where nervous analysts were scanning screens to make sense of a different kind of red and blue. Market analyst Chris Beauchamp says, "We had a move up in the U.S. markets and in late trading in London, anticipating his win. There's a general mood of confidence this morning, really, all around the world."

And it's not just the economy; no change of leadership in the White House means no change of plans for now for the planned draw down of U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

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