OBAMA, Japan (CBS) -- One city in western Japanwas looking forward to the results of the U.S. Presidential election with more anticipation than most.

Obama City happens to share its name with the current president of the United States and its residents have been supporting Barack Obama since 2006 - when he was still a Senator.

Gift shops in the port city of 32,000 now sell Barack Obama themed candy and thanks to the "Obama for Obama" support group, the town even has a small statue of the U.S. president.

Seiji Fujihara is the president of the "Obama for Obama" group. "While this is just my personal feeling, everyone sort of supports President Obama as if they were supporting a friend. So I think it's the wish of everyone in Obama City that he manages to get re-elected," he told Reuters on U.S. Election Day (November 6).

Residents on the streets of Obama seem to prove him right. "Of course I want Mr. Obama to get elected. I think that everyone's supporting him fully here," said Ikko Wada.

"The sense of closeness was amazing. It was good for Obama city, and I think that everyone is looking to support President Obama so that he can have the type of presidency he was aiming for," said gym owner Masahiro Hirao.

One attraction of his gym is a group of hulu dancers called the "Obama girls".