UNDATED (CNN) -- He's known as no drama Obama, and he lives up to that name even when he cries publicly.

You know you're in for a sentimental night when it starts with one of those famous Obama hugs where they seem like they're all alone even though tens of thousands of us are watching. But enough kissing, time for reminiscing. Iowa is where Barack Obama's drive for the presidency got its start.

And then it happened; maybe it was the cold making him cry not once but three times.

The president used his finger to dab away a tear. No surprise, the president's tears had some of his critics crying foul.

"Who cries from just one eye?" asked someone calling herself Joanie baloney. Others say, "he must have just seen his internal poll numbers," "he needs an academy award to set next to his Nobel Prize," and playing off that familiar chant.

The Drudge Report mocked "4 more tears." The president's supporters fired back saying "Romney would have wept but his handlers forgot to refill his wiper fluid."

The president has cried before at a funeral for a civil rights activist, as Michelle eyed his watering eyes.

Andfour years ago, exactly one day before the election then-Senator Obama lost the grandmother who had helped raise him and this time thumbed away the tracks of his tears.

Four years apart, both times a day before the election. But Barack Obama is no John Boehner.

With President Obama, it almost takes a still photo to capture the tears. And then nostalgia gave way to kissing those tears goodbye.