NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The North Little Rock Police Department has determined its most dangerous intersections in the area. It narrowed down the list by the number of accident calls, tickets issued, and amount of patrol needed. THV 11 News decided to spend time at each location for 30 minutes before and during rush hour. We watched traffic violations left and right.

One intersection that made the list is also where the state's largest mall, McCain Mall, is located. It is surrounded with major chains like Target, Best Buy and Walmart, which brings a lot of traffic to the area.

"It seems to cause confusion of people turning right or going straight," says North Little Rock Sergeant Brian Dedrick. He said officers respond to accidents directly off of the interstate at McCain Blvd. and Warden Road often.

Not only are there are a lot of drivers in the area, but they seem to be in a hurry. In 30 minutes, we saw four people running red lights. Just four miles away sits the second most dangerous intersection in North Little Rock, JFK Blvd. and A Avenue.

"Wrecks happen here constantly," says Cody Dunbar, a hair stylist at Alexander Salon. "It's dangerous because it's such a large intersection and visibility is limited because it's on a large curve."

The intersection is right off Interstate 40. Although it's not far from the police station and officers are seen patrolling the area, Sgt. Dedrick says it's still hard to pull over violators.

"It's difficult to get in position to catch up with the violator because there is so much traffic," says Sgt. Dedrick.

Within 30 minutes, we counted eight cars running red lights.

The most dangerous intersection in the area is a combination of the two listed above: JFK Blvd. and McCain Blvd. While it only had three drivers running red lights in a 30 minute span, the least at any area we observed, other traffic problems pushed it to the top of the list.

"Sometimes you get backed up, and if you're clear over that hill, you can't see the light," says Domino's Pizza Delivery driver, Kyle DeShazo.

On the particular day we visited, traffic going into North Little Rock during 5 p.m. rush hour was backed up for one mile, causing an ambulance to have to make a u-turn.

While running red lights seemed common in these areas, drivers should be aware of the consequences. A ticket issued for running a red light costs $170. But, the more concerning figure has nothing to do with money.

TheNational Highway Traffic and Safety Administration shows nearly 9,000 people died from accidents involving drivers running red lights.

More information from the NHTSA on running red lights:

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