LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- There is one word to best describe this trio, and that word is "quick."

It's tough to catch them, and at River City Gymnasticsthis day, we can barely keep up.

"Justin and Jeremiah are 3-year old twins," describes their DHS adoption specialist Lisa Saulsberry. "They are hyper and full of energy. LaShawnda is their 5-year old big sister, and she's just the sweetest most gorgeous little girl."

A gorgeous little girl who is all laughs and smiles, despite being separated from her twin brothers and despite a very troubled past.

"You are beautiful! Your eyes are beautiful, where'd you get em?"THV 11 anchor Dawn Scott asks.

"I got em from WalMart! (laughs)" exclaims LaShawnda.

It would be easy, says Saulsberry, for a family to adopt just her. But her brothers are all the family she has left.

"A lot of families, people at her school and when different people see her, they call and inquire specifically about LaShawnda," says Saulsberry. "And we have to let them know she is a package. She has two little brothers that come along with her."

Since May of 2011, those two little brothers have lived in one home. LaShawnda has lived in another. Apart too long, Saulsberry says, for kids who love each other dearly. She wants a family for them who will step up and give them the life they so deserve.

"A mom that can get LaShawnda in dance class and ballet and things she likes to do," describes Saulsberry. "...have the boys involved in football, baseball, whatever they like to do. I just think they deserve the opportunity to have young parents that can chase them around and give them a good life."

A good life, where this little girl can dress up, where the boys can play, where they can all put the pains of the past behind them.

"Sometimes hard to talk about?" asks Dawn. LaShawnda nods and covers her mouth. Then quickly exclaims, "I need a necklace!"

Jamie at River City Gymnasticswas worn out, just like we were, after chasing these precious children for over an hour. Special thanks to the folks there for hosting us.

You can find more information about LaShawnda, Jeremiah, and Justin at the Arkansas Department of Human Services adoption website.

There are no costs associated with adopting a state foster child.

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