UNDATED (CNN) -- The Northeast is slammed with a one-two punch, first the devastating Superstorm Sandy, now a powerful winter storm.

The northeast is digging out after a blistering November nor'easter.

In a region still reeling from superstorm sandy, this storm delivered another blow. But New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says it only set back cleanup and recovery about a day. He says, "Good news is we have not seen the kind of damage we saw with hurricane sandy and we are confident we will be able to move forward in our recovery efforts."

The storm pounded the northeast with snow, rain and winds gusting up to 60-mile an hour. Nick Camerada's Staten Island home was damaged by Sandy. This new storm is pushing him to the limit. He says, "Everything that I own is here and I'm trying to save it."

The storm is creating a potentially deadly situation for those still without power after Sandy. Rudy Balseiro says, "We got our power back on last Friday and its back out again today, so frustrated's a fair word."

Heavy snow created dangerous conditions on the roads, stranding some drivers. Bob Daush says, "Cars were sliding, people were stuck, cars weren't going anywhere, nothing was open."

But at least this New York resident is taking the wild weather in stride. Jim Magrone says, "We got through the first one, we can get through anything."

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