SEARCY, Ark. (KTHV) - A recent spike in car vandalism has popped up in White County, and car dealers are now facing thousands of dollars in repairs.

For this story, we're not talking about an increase in car vandalism that you can count on your fingers. We're talking about 90 vehicles vandalized, and most are new cars from Searcy dealerships.

"You can notice that most of these trucks have their windshield wipers lifted up," General Sales Manager Patrick Elwood said as he walked around the lot at Orr Nissan in Searcy.

Forty-one vehicles were recently vandalized there. Each damaged car had the wipers lifted up as a marker for which ones had been hit. General Sales Manager Patrick Elwood clued us in on some damage.

"This streak we're looking at here, how much would it cost to repair?" THV 11's Max Seigle asked about one car in the lot with a scratch on the hood.

"I would say you're probably looking at a good $600 to $700 to repair that," Elwood responded.

In total, Elwood said the latest damage estimates are around $22,000 to $25,000.

"Really, it's just kind of amazing to me that someone would come to a place of business like this and do this much damage to our inventory," Elwood said.

This dealer-ship wasn't the only one that was hit by this kind of vandalism.

Searcy Police said sometime last weekend vandals also came to the Greg Orr Auto Park nearby--this time hitting up 41 cars like this Cadillac CTS. Police said the vandals also made one more stop at W &W Ford in town, causing damage to eight vehicles.

"It makes you feel sick. You work so hard. We work so hard to do right," Sales Manager Jay Curtis said.

Curtis says they're still compiling damage estimates here. For now, he just has one message to whoever "messed" with his fleet.

"I can promise you, I've talked with the other dealers, and you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law," Curtis said.

The biggest hit in damages so far is $100,000 for Greg Orr Auto Park.

Police said it's not clear what the vandals used to damage the cars, and they don't have any leads yet. But, given the volume of cars and it all happening over a short period of time last weekend, they believe they're dealing with multiple suspects. They are also going through some surveillance video, but had nothing to show THV 11 at this point.

A $3,000 reward is currently set up for anyone with information leading to an arrest in this case. You should call Searcy Police Department at (501) 279-1038 if you have any information.

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