TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (CBS/WTHI) -- Finding a dog that can fetch is hardly news, but there is one special dog who can fetch that is definitely worth a story.

Chica loves lumbering about here on the Knox farm in Clay County; she darts from back door to barn weaving through the chicken and cattle. But Chicas favorite pastime playing fetch with owners Martha and Buddy Knox. It's a sight to see, but it's a sight Chica can't see.

She has no eyes. That's right, no eyes. They were surgically removed when she was a mere pup.

Now watch her chase this basketball and realize she has never seen this basketball or this hill, or a fence. So, how does she do it? How can a dog with no eyes see a moving ball and bring it back to the feet of Martha?

Well Martha wonders that too. And so do the experts at Purdue University. Whatever it is, here's a hound that lives its life in the dark, but seemingly seeing everything. Even when buddy goes in the truck, there's Chica jumping in without even slowing down.

We could all learn a thing or two from this happy hound. For one, she accepts her limitations in life and gets on with living. And she seems to live with no fear. The possibility of running into things simply doesn't bother her.

But maybe most Chica shows us a great way to live. Chica has no eyes, but then look. She doesn't need any. Chica sees with her heart.

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