LITTLE ROCK, Ark.(KTHV) - Anyone trying to eat healthyknows that there are times when you're tempted to eat something with no real nutritious value.

Intoday's EatSmart While Dining outsegment, registered dietitian Kristen Rowe is talking about some healthier options when you areeating out at at Golden Corral, especially as Thanksgiving approaches.

EAT THIS: Turkey, white meat with no skin (3 oz)
70kcal,3g. fat,420 mg. sodium

NOT THAT: Carved turkey, dark meat with skin (3 oz
190kcal,105 g. fat,1305 mg. sodium

EAT THIS:Sweet potato
110kcal,0 g. fat,70 mg. sodium

NOT THAT: Sweet potato casserole
380kcal,7 g. fat,100 mg. sodium

EAT THIS: Pumpkin pie
310kcal,13 g. fat,300 mg. sodium

NOT THAT: Pecan pie
420 kcal,20 g. fat,330 mg. sodium

Click on the video for all of Rowe's advice!

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