UTAH (KTHV) - A Utah paperboy was literally driven up a tree and cornered for more than an hour by a goat, but not just any goat. It was Voldemort the fainting goat.

Jaxson Gessel, 14, was on his daily delivery route when he came across the frightening animal. Voldemort had broken free from his chain and made his way across the street in the wee hours of the morning.

"It was dark, and I saw this figure, but I thought it was a dog, and then it made a weird noise...kind of like a grunting noise," said Gessel.

Then Voldemort came toward him, stood up on its back legs and wrapped its front legs around Gessel, pulling him off his bike. Gessel ran away and took shelter in a nearby tree for about an hour.

Gessel was eventually reported missing after he had not returned from his paper route, and police went looking for him. Soon, they received a call about a boy in a tree and a goat. That's where they found Gessel with his paper bag halfway up the tree.

While the name sounds pretty sinister, Voldemort's owner said he's the perfect pet for her and her two sons-he even mows the grass.

Voledemort is back at home, and his owners have a nick name for his victim. To them, Gessel is the 'Boy That Lived.'

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