ARLINGTON, Tex. (CNN/WFFA) -- He was abandoned at a fire station as an infant and now 10 years later, a boy's wish of meeting the man who saved his life comes true.

Ten years ago, on the porch of Arlington Fire Station No. 12 someone abandoned a baby boy. Wesley Keck says, "I pulled back the blanket and there he was."

Now the boy's back. Koregan Quintanilla's sister Staci says, "What happened is his teacher asked him if he could be anywhere, if he could go anywhere what's on his bucket list? And he said 'to come to his fire station' and we were like 'what?'"

Keck told Koregan, "Well I'm excited that you're here, I'm glad; I've thought about you a million times over the years."

Koregan Quintanilla's dream was to reunite with Wes Keck, the firefighter he calls "his firefighter." Koregan says, "I was excited that I got to meet him."

He was adopted into a family with five sisters where his past is not a secret it's a celebration. His sister Sistine says, "It's really exciting to me because he gets to meet the person that found him and the he's still living today."

The girls watched him get the royal treatment and so did almost every news camera in town, simply in awe. Koregan says, "I'm glad I get to come here and see everyone because this is my fire station that I was abandoned at."

Although he was left alone 10 years ago, he'll never be lonely again.

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