CABOT, Ark. (KTHV) --This time next week, many of us will be scarfing down Thanksgiving leftovers, but do you ever think about where that holiday bird is raised?

Located in Cabot, Mountain Springs Farm is providing a different avenue for Central Arkansans to purchase their Thanksgiving turkey. Co-Owner Paul Killingsworth said it's a hobby that got out of hand.

"This is just a very small operation; I call it a micro-farm, because I don't know of a word smaller than that. Maybe, a nano-farm," he explained.

Killingsworth started the small operation farm with his neighbor Wes Nichols.

Nichols said their goal is to provide medication and hormone free meat and eggsm, and Killingsworth added that their farm's operating process gets back to basics.

Initially, the two neighbors began raising pastured birds and cattle to educate their children about where their food comes from and to instill a solid work ethic.

Nichols said their farming practices have now caught the attention of locals who want the same thing.

"People are just interested in just finding a good, wholesome source of food that's antibiotic free, hormone free, cage free, humanely raised. That's what folks are looking for."

Killingsworth said this Thanksgiving, Mountain Springs Farm raised breed specific, Midget White Turkeys in a free range environment.

"Anytime you put control back in the hands of small operators that's probably a plus for the whole community as well."

With less than a week away from Turkey Day, Newman, the male, and his four hens are all that's left this Thanksgiving season.

Nichols said they're pardoned to help produce more turkeys next year.

"We're hoping next year to have 50 or 60 turkeys for sale, and as we go forward, even more in the future."

Mountain Springs Farm sold all of their birds for this Thanksgiving, but they'll continue to offer other varieties of meats and eggs year round.

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