LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Arkansas has its first success story involving stem cell from cord blood and Cerebral Palsy.

His name is Drake, and he is a lively little boy who loves to run and play like any toddler, but his life started off different than others. He had a stroke during birth due to lack of oxygen, giving him Cerebral Palsy.

The parents decided to bank his cord blood as an extra health insurance. It was when his parents were preparing for his little sister, they learned about a study with cord blood stem cell transfusion and Cerebral Palsy.

After four treatments over a year, but the family noticed a difference.

Therapy paired with the transfusion is to thank for Drake's running, jumping, and even riding a bike!

Drake is the 5th overall patient to undergo cord blood stem cell transfusion for cerebral palsy and continuing to conquer milestones.

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