When it comes to holiday decorating, don't leave out the kitchen! Many say the kitchen is truly the heart of the home, and more often than not, you'll find someone either cooking or gathering in that very room to talk during the holidays.

I decorated my counter tops by stacking cookbooks and Christmas books. These can be used as pedestals for other holiday nick-knacks, such as the antique Santa lamp that I just love.

I used glass vases that I had during the growing season for fresh flowers, and stuffed them full of old ornaments. Then, I decorated the rims with some candy canes.

I also added an original piece of art that a friend gave to me for a gift to the room in addition to a Christmas tree for a little bit of bling.

Any leftover ornaments were scattered here and there as well as a scented candle or two.

If you have space above your cabinets, go ahead and use it! You can go out into the woods, cut some branches, and wrap them in any color lights you like. Add a few sprigs of pine and some silk tropical leaves, and hot glue some ornaments to the finished product.

My kitchen has the holiday cheer! Does yours?

I'm Chris Olsen with Today's Home.

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