FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM)- Fayetteville police arrested Sharanda Hammock and Cecily Sharp Saturday, Nov. 24 on charges of second-degree battery and child abuse.

An Occupational Therapist noticed third-degree burns on an 11-year-olds' legs and called Hammock, thechild's foster mother. Hammock told the therapist that thechild received the injuries during a bath on Nov. 4. Sharp heated the water on the stove for the bath due to lack of hot water.

Hammock told police she tried to treat the injuries with a cool compress but the wounds blistered the next day. Sharp told Hammock that the boy rubbed the burns with a wash cloth, causing them to bleed.

KFSM reports that Hammock and Sharp were in a relationship together.

Both women admitted that they should have taken the boy to get medical attention.

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