BALD KNOB, Ark. (KTHV) - Police in Bald Knob have cracked a 12- year-old murder case from South Carolina.

Bald Knob Police got a call this morning to a domestic disturbance at a home and arrested a man for 3rd degree assault on a family member. That man claimed to be Alfredo Olmos, but after hours of questioning, they found that was not his only name nor his only alleged crime.

"By the end of the interview, he told us that he was the person in fact that the South Carolina authorities had been looking for since September 16th, 2000," said Lt. Mark Clark at a press conference Thursday afternoon.

You could call it a lucky break combined with good police work, the arrest of Jose Tostado, one of the men wanted for the 2000 South Carolina murder of Alfonzo Fuentes. Police say it happened in Horry County at a nightclub called Sambo's.

"He said that Andreas and he, as soon as the murder had taken place, they got in the truck. They left. Left behind their clothes, their money, everything and fled to Mississippi. He said at that point they parted ways. He says as far as he knows, Mr. Andreas is still in Mexico," said Lt. Clark.

Tostado, his wife and four children moved to Bald Knob less than a year ago. When police arrived at his home in response to the domestic dispute call, Chief Tim Sanford said a conversation he had just two months earlier with an informant came to mind.

"He had informed me that Mr. Tostado's name was actually Torres and that he had bragged about this murder to him when they had actually partied together," said Chief Sanford.

That is when Bald Knob Police began making phone calls and found Tostado on the FBI's Wanted List.

"We found his actual print out in the National Crime Information Center, and it shows that he is wanted for murder, assault and battery with intent to kill and there is an extradition for the entire United States," said Lt. Clark.

Lt. Mark Clark said the process took hours of phone calls to South Carolina authorities but after they confirmed they had the right man, both departments breathed a sigh of relief.

"By the time we got there, we were pretty much just tired. Yeah, there was some high-fives, some thank you's back and forth. I'll probably be on some of their Christmas Card lists. They were wanting this guy pretty bad," said Lt. Clark.

Police also found two loaded guns in Tostado's home. He admitted to police he is an undocumented worker and has gone by several aliases including Predencio Torres and Alfredo Olmos.

Tostado was transported to the White County Sheriff's Department. There, he will await extradition back to South Carolina to face that murder charge.

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