LITTLE ROCK, Ark., (KTHV) - The Road Runner and Wiley Coyote had a cliff, Thelma and Louise had a cliff, and Cheers had a cliff. But, we don't have a fiscal cliff. It's all manmade.

Even the term itself came from Federal reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, who was warning Congress over the whole concept of a deadline for ending the Bush tax cuts.

To refresh your memory, the deadline was established as a condition for raising the debt limit. This deadline was, in effect, man made.

Much like a barricade is put up to keep us away from an undeveloped area, a cliff insinuates everything ends. A barricade can be avoided, busted through, dismantled and moved down the road, but our economic life will continue.

Most economists I've listened to or read say that the only thing we'll immediately see will be a volatile stock market. Even if we bust through the January 1st barricade, we won't feel a thing right off, and Washington will still have time to back up and get us on the right road.

I blanche at the concept of "fiscal cliff." I endorse the words of Columnist Joe Klein who wrote:

"We will struggle along, secure in our freedom, and eventually prosper. That is the American way. We make fools of pessimists."

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