YORK COUNTY, SC (CNN/WSOC) -- A two-year-old is safe with his family all thanks to his dog. While his grandfather was watching the boy, he wandered off Wednesday night. The family's dog watched over the missing boy.

Wherever 2-year-old Peyton Myrick goes, his grandparent's dog Ashepoo, goes with him. The Australian shepherd, became more than a family pet. Carmen Myrick says, "If a dog can be a hero, that dog's a hero."

Peyton was outside with his grandfather as he worked on a tractor, when he wandered off into the woods outside clover. He disappeared for more than four hours. His parents, Rich and Carmen were terrified. Carmen says, "You see it on TV about abductions or kids running off. You just never think it's gonna happen to you, and it's scary."

Rich raced home from the pediatrician where he was with his other son, and his doctor and staff came too.

Sled, sheriff's deputies, DNR, police dogs and neighbors started searching in the open countryside. It got dark, and cold, and Peyton was still missing. Carmen says, "I thought to myself, this is not gonna end good."

It was after 8:30, and long past dark when family members tell me that neighbors who were combing the woods in this whole area saw the dog ash who led them all the way back there behind that barn, to her best friend Peyton. Rich says, "My sister shot off in that direction and a few minutes later someone came out and said, 'They've got him.'"

Peyton was found, lying on his jacket, asleep in the woods. Ashepoo had stayed with him. For Peyton, unhurt, and unfazed, it was just another walk in the woods.

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