LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - It's time for winners and losers, and again I advise you, don't take this personally. If someone or some-thing you like happens to be a loser this week, not to worry, they can always come back. I say that in advance of our first loser heading into the week.

Our first losers are new sitcoms on networks. In our case, I'm talking about the TV show Partners, the first CBS cancellation. It was just one of several highly touted, lowly watched shows that got the early plug.

The first winners are Razorback fans who came early to the games or were there in time for the opening kickoff. The Hogs outscored opponents 96-45 in the first quarter this year, but in this case, the glass is just three-fourths full. The fans who stayed for the second, third and fourth quarters 312-183 are losers.

Another winner is Cedar Ridge High School. Cassondra Kellems is a student who battled cancer and other health problems her whole life. In a small school like Cedar Ridge, fellow students knew her story. They all got together and voted her homecoming queen, which embarrassed Cassondra at first, but in the end, the honor felt good, so did we after airing this story.

This kind of support isn't just possible in a school, but it can happen in a town as well, making El Paso a winner. Karolyn and Tony Glover suffered through foreclosure, and now Tony has been diagnosed with cancer. They were forced to move into a home that needed some work, and the community responded. Led by Tony Chisum, volunteer carpenters are fixing up the Glover's new home, and a bikers' club conducted a fundraiser. It is positively one of our best Hero Central stories of 2012.

Second district Congressman Tim Griffin is also a winner. He was placed on the House Ways and Means Committee and is the first Arkansan to be there since 1992, but the real winner of this is the author of the book Mr. Chairman, the book about Wilbur Mills, the famous/ infamous chairman of the very same House Ways and Means committee. The news of Congressman Griffin was inadvertently a timely promotion for her new book.

And, finally Trooper Matthew Toon is a winner. He won the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year for Faulkner, Van Buren and Searcy County. And, for the second year in a row, the awards themselves were all winners. It was a quite a night to celebrate public servants.

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