DEER PARK, WA (CNN/KREM) -- A farmer turned a 200 acre field into a giant proposal message. But not everything went according to plan.

Loren Lentz sure knows how to work his tractor. He says, "We had this 200 acre field that was prime, full of weeds."

Last month he used the 27-foot disc to engineer a unique marriage proposal. He says, "I wanted to do something big."

That he did taking one hour and a half to plow a message for his significant other in this field. He says, "
I get doing the 'J' and 10-year old daughter is riding with me in the tractor and she says dad, you did the J- backwards, I said no I didn't."

Later, Lentz would recognize his mistake but that did not thwart his plan.

Over the summer, someone stole one of his service vehicles. Lentz asked his girlfriend Jody Schaefer to go up in an airplane with him and a pilot friend to look for it. Jody says, "I kept looking down, trying to look down. I couldn't tell the difference between a truck and a car. Anything else so I just started taking aerial photos of everything."

As they approached Deer Park Airport, Lentz asked Schaefer to take photos of his haystacks. She says, "That's when I put up the lens and through the eyelid I could see Loren in dirt... and I pulled it down and sure enough, there it was."

Loren says, "Had the ring in my hand at that point and turned around and handed her the ring and she gave me a great big hug over the seat."

A second go around, Schaeffer noticed something amiss. She says, "It's not L-O-D-Y," with a smile. Loren adds, "She decided to marry me anyway even though the J was backwards."

The couple plan to get married next month.

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