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McDonalds boosted the market after reporting strong sales last month with new breakfast offerings and a new sandwich.

Investors also gaining confidence in Hewlett-Packard as its price went up 36 cents to $14.16. The maker of office products with a call center in Conway had been hit hard in recent weeks over its handling of a $10 billion acquisition.

Dillard's executives staying busy with their stock in preparation of record-cash dividend of five dollars a share that will be paid next week. CEO William Dillard and his brother Alex, the president of the company, both exercised stock options in November that brought in $26.4 million in shares that cost them only $7.72 million.

Stock in Dillard's still trading higher compared to a year ago, closing yesterday at $84.45.

Dillard's also showing confidence in its brand by going back into the business of building more stores.

The Little Rock retail chain is back in the business of building stores.

The last time Dillard's opened a new store was in early 2010, back when shares of the company would've only cost you around 20 dollars.

Last week, Dillard's revealed its plans to build a 200-thousand-SF store in Las Vegas. That came on the heels of Dillard's announcing that it was building a 126-thousand-SF store in Denton, Texas.

And in April, Dillard's said it was building a 180-thousand-SF location in Sarasota, Fla.

All locations are expected to be open in the fall of 2014.

Lottery ticket sales may be down, but the total number of scholarships they've funded is still growing.

Lottery Director Bishop Woosley says that more than $300 million has been raised for college scholarships.

Overall, the lottery has provided scholarships to about 90,000 students.

Students in Arkansas will soon be able to gain an education in dentistry.

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences says its moving toward an accredited dental residency program, one that will staff a new clinic.

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is working toward accreditation of a dental residency program with the opening of a general dentistry clinic.

The clinic will open in early 2013 while UAMS says it plans to take dental residents by 2014.

Arkansas currently lacks any school that graduates dentists.

(Source: Arkansas Business)

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