FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KHBS) - An Arkansas strip club is putting a new twist on "Toys for Tots;" it's participating in a toy drive called "Toys for Tatas."

At Platinum Cabernet in Fayetteville, its manager coordinated the toy drive for children in need with an x-rated incentive.

"If you come in and bring you bring a toy to donate for our little toy drive we're having, then we're gonna give you two for one lap dances for as many toys as you bring," said manager, Erica Ponder.

The toys donated go to the national toy-drive campaign "Toys for Tots."
The men of the Marine Corps Reserve, who organize "Toys for Tots," had not heard of this spin on their holiday tradition.

"I really knew nothing about it. It's certainly not that something we had been made aware of or certainly not something we would have endorsed," said John Staples, Toys for Tots coordinator.

Staples said the purpose is to provide toys for disadvantaged children and that the club's heart is in the right place.

"As long as it's done in a legal manner, and as long as people are bringing us new, unwrapped toys, we don't get into how they were gathered, and what the process was," Staples said.

The club will continue collecting toys through the end of the month.

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