CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) - After a story THV 11 brought you over the weekend, a group of concerned Conway neighbors planted the seeds of a Neighborhood Crime Watch program Tuesday night in Conway.

The Chapel Creek neighborhood in West Conway is one of city's newer subdivisions. Police said the area was recently "home" to some reports of car-breaks, suspects scoping out homes and at least one home break-in in broad daylight.

"I was at home that day and saw that, so that's what really sparked me and made me feel like this is something that's really important and we need to get this going," Kelley Meams said.

Meams was one of about a two dozen neighbors gathering for their first Neighborhood Crime Watch Meeting Tuesday night. Police were on hand too, offering basic tips like locking cars and closing garage doors. But they also urged these folks to stay in touch with each other, to monitor their surroundings and to always call police when they notice anything suspicious.

"Just saying you have a neighborhood watch program does nothing,. You have to have the people in your neighborhood working to back that up," Police Spokeswoman Letresha Woodruff said.

Wooduff also told the crowd that some of the most well-organized neighborhood watch groups are truly the best at keeping thieves away.

The group decided that its first task is to appoint block captains, as many as two for each street. These would be the folks who collect the information on neighborhood concerns and share that with police.

The police officers who patrol the Chapel Creek neighborhood also spoke at the meeting, echoing the need to be active and calling police with "those gut feelings" when you see anything out of the ordinary.

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