LAWTON, MI (CBS/WWMT) -- One west Michigan restaurant is overflowing with Christmas cheer after spending 500 hours decorating for the holidays.

Your first reaction when you walk into "Big T" is just "wow." The ceilings are covered in thousands of strands of garland, tens of thousands of lights, and hundreds of home-made decorations.

When it comes to decking the halls, big t takes things to a whole new level. The small-town family restaurant leaves no square inch of ceiling untouched; every string of lights, every strand of garland, every little snowflake has its own specific spot.

Of the six rooms, each one takes on its own theme from Victorian elegance to Michigan manliness. The decor is always a big treat for local families.

Big T has hidden angels in the midst of all the tinsel and trinkets for people to find and count in their annual Christmas contest.

The 25-year tradition not only brightens up the restaurant, it brightens the spirits of all who see it.