UNDATED (CNN) -- Too many players on the field and one of them wasn't human; a pigeon raided the home turf of the Oakland Raiders and wouldn't leave.

There it was, just shy of the 50 yard line. Not the ball, the pigeon! It sure wasn't intimidated by either the Oakland Raiders or the Kansas City Chiefs. Throughout the second quarter, it would't leave staying close to the action.

Raiders fan Chris Heggem shot the video. He says, "It was quiet cause everyone was just ah man no one step on the pigeon, don't step on the pigeon."

There were a few near misses. It was sort of like watching that duck and her ducklings cross the highway the other day and they were literally blown away before finally making it safely to the other side. The pigeon was practically on the line of scrimmage.

Forget the Raiders and the Chiefs, the crowd was rooting for the pigeon. Especially when number 65 took a friendly swipe at the bird with his foot to try to get him out of harm's way.

The Raiders won 15 to 0 on field goals. The bird was the MVP, most valuable pigeon. It almost got trampled when the teams left at half-time. Out came the groundskeepers, who tried to coax the bird into the buckets they use to collect clumps of grass. But the pigeon wasn't cooperating as they played the song "Free Bird."

Finally the pigeon was scooped up and deposited in the bucket.

Of course there were jokes. Indeed, the Raiders had sought to sign the pigeon to a contract, but were too late, as the Jets have already penciled the bird in as next week's quarterback. Now if only instead of picking at grass it would have picked off the pass.

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