LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Roadways are still being cleared on Day Two following the winter storm. This morning's commute was still a hazard for some, especially those without four-wheel drive.

Trees have fallen all across the city, blocking roadways and damaging property.

A tree has fallen at 9th St. and Rock St., completely blocking Rock St. and lying on top of a car parked on the street. It has ripped up the sidewalk and smashed the vehicle, but somehow managed to miss all of the houses in the neighborhood.

Another fell on Chenal Parkway in West Little Rock, west of the Promenade near Rahling Road.

Larry Adams, a crew leader with the Little Rock Public Works Department said his crews have been working non-stop since 5:30 Thursday morning.

"All of the broken trees that are hanging over the highway, we're just going along Chenal here and getting them off the roadway. We'll stack and push them to the side; we'll come back at a later date and clean them up," Adams told THV 11 News.

He said he and his crews will work at least 12 hours Thursday just clearing the roads of debris. They are also removing limbs that haven't fallen, but are looming over the roadways.

Adams also issued a word of caution for drivers -- just take it easy, especially around those construction crews clearing tree limbs. He explained that the workers need plenty of room, so use extreme caution and reduce speed when passing.

Plows also worked throughout the day to ensure that drivers have an easier time. The equipment could be found clearing everything from highways and artery roads to even parking lots.

Jerry Sears with ADP is clearing out his own parking lot so his customers can park Friday.
"I'm just trying to get rid of the snow so the sun will melt this when it hits - comes out. It will melt it faster," explained Sears.

Crews will be out until they get the job done.

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