JACKSONVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) -- After last week's winter storm, police worked plenty of accidents, and this week, that means many car repair shops are inundated with work.

Manger of the Gwatney Collision Center in Jacksonville Jeff Diaz said whenever a storm hits, whether tornado or wintry weather, their business really picks up especially when there is snow or ice when there is snow or ice.

"About half of the shop here now is mostly storm related. Some of those jobs that we're scheduling out for two weeks just because the increase in business," he said.

Diaz also said they prioritize which car they start working on first. The cars that aren't drivable are at the top of the list.

Sometimes, collision centers can have an added challenge. If weather is bad, it can be hard for them to get in the parts they need because delivery trucks aren't running.

While a lot of the cars out at Gwatney had been wrecked, Diaz said many of the damaged cars he's seen this week were actually damaged by falling limbs.

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