LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- The winter storm is over, but it left behind potholes.

Every time there's severe winter weather, the city can count on Chenal Parkway having lots of potholes, according to Little Rock Operations Foreman One Jim Carloss.

"It's bad; it's bad all over the city. Any time you have freezing temperatures, asphalt will come out and we'll patch them," said Carloss.

Carloss said Chenal Parkway is older asphalt and has heavy traffic. Unfortunately, the asphalt plant used to repair broken roads was also broken Wednesday.

"We are using what they call a cold mix, today. We couldn't get any hot mix and this is a temporary fix," said Carloss.

The cold asphalt mix will last a week or so. It's applied just like the hot mix. It's poured, scraped and pounded into the street to make for a safer roadway.

Just like the city, the state highway department said it's working on the storm's aftermath daily. Randy Ort with the highway department said crews will patch up potholes on Cantrell Rd. and Dillard Pkwy. within the next two days.

So, if you see these guys out, Carloss said give them a break. These holes are dangerous and so are their jobs patching them up.

"You see a lot of people talking on cell phones while they're driving and not paying attention to what they're doing," said Carloss.

If you live in Little Rock and want to report potholes, you can call 311 or your city's street department.

ThePulaski County Road and Bridge Department said it will work on the roads tomorrow and will focus on clearing debris on Wednesday.

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