LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- We often think of August as Back to School month. Well, January brings its own challenges when it comes to transitioning your kids from unscheduled family time to structured school days.

Bryan Reddit from Huntington Learning Centeris here with how to get back in the learning swing.

He shares four tips:

1. Re-establish routine - If your holiday routine has been relaxed, now is the time to remind your hcild how a typical school day will go. Start enforcing a reasonable bedtime and make sure key school dates and deadlines are on your new 2013 calendar. Another good idea is to have him or her organize their desk or homework area.

2. Re-exam goals - To use a sports analogy, winter break is your child's academic halftime. This is when a coach, or in this case parent, can look at where the child is in terms of reaching certain goals and adjust accordingly. Is your child struggling in a certain subject or having difficulty mastering certain study skills? Sit down and talk to your child about expectations for the second semester and how, together, you will achieve them.

And don't be afraid to ask for help. At Huntington, they typically see an increase in inquiries in January because parents have reviewed the first semester and are planning for the rest of the year.

3. Help the RIGHT way - When our children struggle in school we obviously want to help. But when we do too much, like finish a project or do their math homework for them, we are helping them get a better grade but not a better education. Help them by building their confidence to tackle a problem or meet a new challenge. The goal should be independent learning that lasts a lifetime!

4. Make it fun! - Learning can be fun. Use everyday situations as learning opportunities. Whether it be forming your own book club or getting your child involved in meal preparation, you can still get your kids energized to learn.

(Source: Huntington Learning Center)

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